How we teach

Immersive Learning

Children are completely enveloped in an English speaking environment. From when their eyes first open to when they go to bed at night they are encouraged to be a part of the English speaking environment.

Playful Learning

Learning the language is only half as important as actually speaking it! Our lessons and sports activities encourage spoken English above reading or writing to build children´s confidence in the language. Our classes and sports programs are full of interactive activities providing the best opportunity for your child to develop their English.

What do we teach?

Grammar provides the foundation to understanding of any language and vocabulary is built upon that foundation (even by native speakers) over the course of one’s life. Key to learning both though is learning them together through a theme or topic. That’s why our in:sp:i:re camps are so much more than just reciting grammar rules and new words! Children deal with content that really matters! Our teachers provide lessons based around real life situations which they adjust depending on the children’s age and ability. Here are just a few examples:

Children’s Lives
Friends, schools, hobbies, fashion, music, …

Dealing with nature and the environment
Our world, the great outdoors, climate change, …

Fitness & Nutrition
Healthy eating, an active lifestyle, What’s on my plate?, …

Life of Teenagers
Career aspirations, …

Social Media & the World
World issues, camp president, What is social media?,…

English Speaking Culture & History
The York viking invasion, cowboys and Indians, …

What do the learning groups look like in the language camps?

English ability naturally varies across children in the camp. This is why classes are separated based on English level and age so that teaching can better target similar level learning groups.
Classes are up to 8 students all of whom are at a very similar English ability level. The small group size (especially in the lower English level classes) provides the teachers a chance to develop their relationship with children at a very personal level. This means they can give significant amounts of time to each child to help that child experience a faster rate of development of their English skills.

English Camp Materials

inspire camps recognise that children learn in many different ways. Studies have recognised that children respond to three types of stimuli; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Because of this, we ensure all of our camps and individual classes have the means to cater to these different learning styles. We ensure all our trainers and class plans involve interactive activities where children do and speak (kinesthetic), are exposed to visual stimuli (like video and powerpoint examples) and are provided with auditory examples from both our trainers and additional sources.

Social learning

Our camps offer more than just a great English learning environment. Most important of all is the cultural and social well-being we impress on the children at our camps.

Team Spirit, taking the initiative, fair play, equality and courtesy are all traits we attempt to always embody. We value these because they are the traits that we feel are most important in the life of a person, a family, a business, or a culture.

Extra Curricular Activities

At in:sp:i:re we pride ourselves in offering more than simply a high standard of teaching. With an afternoon sports program that rivals anything even sports camps can offer we feel we can cater to any child, whatever their sporting or artistic passion. Our sports program has everything from paddle boarding to orienteering, flying foxes to dance, and white water rafting to roller coast making, so whatever your child’s sport or artistic outlet is, they’ll have the chance to both do it and try out some other amazing sports and activities!

And in the evenings? Well, from songs around the campfire while we roast marshmallows, to children strutting their stuff at in:sp:i:re’s Next Top Model, to barbecues we have no doubt your child will have an unforgettable time!