inspire quality

There are many Summer Camps and more specifically English Speaking Camps on the market but we proudly consider ourselves the best. Why? Please read our four key reasons below:


inspire has been awarded with the OE-Cert seal for adult education. We offer your child quality lessons according to the highest educational standards. Regular audits, feedback sessions and staff training ensure that your child is well looked after at our English camp.


Our trainers all have experience as teachers or language trainers and are all native English speakers. This means that the people looking after and teaching your kids are doing what they love and what they know. For any job the most productive worker is someone who both knows the job and is passionate about it and that is what we strive to provide. All our counsellors take part in specific off- and on-site trainings before they start teaching at the camps and have to provide a character reference.


At inspire we strive to make our camps a wonderful and exciting experience: Our camps provide a great array of settings for your child to spend their summer.  With activities including sailing, water tubing, paddle boarding, orienteering, cave exploring and shelter building –  we here at inspire are confident we are the best camps activities provider in Europe.


We have over 10 years experience in hosting English Camps. The inspire Tea has taught over 3500 kids to date. We have great retention with our counsellors and because they’ve done it and seen it all before they’re well equipped to handle any child’s needs. From being the shoulder to cry on for the homesick child to being the big sister to dance or play sports with, our team fan fulfil every child’s needs. With kitchens that can cater for any dietary requirement and with staff teams that can often speak as many as 7 or 8 languages combined we’re confident we have the camp for your children only one click away.