The most important factor affecting a child’s ability to improve in any subject is that they’re interested in the subject. When a child shows commitment and enthusiasm for a subject is when they will improve. This is why the primary objective of Inspire camps is to bring out this enthusiasm for learning English. We do this through fun and interactive topics that encourage children to have fun! Once a child is enthusiastic about a subject and sees its importance, results will most certainly follow.

In terms of grammar and vocabulary content there will definitely be overlap with school curriculums. However many school curriculums have become stale, harnessing teaching methods that are now recognised as outdated. Our teaching methods involve student interaction far more than conventional school teaching and this in turn leads to a very different atmosphere to that of the school classroom.

Of course! In case of emergency Inspire has a hotline that can be reached 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week during the Summer Camps. Please use this only in case of emergencies, for normal enquires please contact the office number or the camp leader at the camp your child is at. All these numbers will be provided in the welcome document that will be sent to you a month prior to the start of the camp.

Ideally you would contact your child between 5.00pm and 6:00pm or 6:30pm and 7:30pm. If you cannot reach your child on his/her mobile you can contact the camp leader to put you onto the phone with your child as a last resort.

Please consider that frequent phone calls (especially with younger children) can bring on homesickness.

Inspire can provide travel arrangements for children. Please see here for our possible transport arrangements.

For sure! We recommend about €20 per week but it’s entirely up to you. Children often buy souvenirs on excursions or candy at the local store. Pocket money can be left with the counsellors and will be handed out at a set time each day to children who require it.

The Emergency card provides Inspire staff with all the medical information regarding your child. It is extremely important! We need this completed accurately to ensure your child is cared for appropriately. Information regarding allergies, medical conditions and details of required medication must be provided on this card. Please note that camp counsellors can only administer medication that has been entered on the medical card (the card must have the child’s name and dosage). We cannot provide any medicine to children without this card.

Please download the emergency card here.

All non-EU citizens must have their passports with them on arrival at camp. This will be taken for safe keeping until the end of the camp. Any child going to camps based in the U.K. must bring their passport.

For Austrian and other EU children an Identity card is sufficient. They must also bring their E-card or European equivalent health insurance card. This is essential in case of medical emergency.

For our Austrian based camps if your child is an EU citizen an E-card or European Health Insurance Card is sufficient. If your child is not an EU citizen he/she must have travel insurance. We recommend your child takes out medical insurance with UNIQA.

Should a different policy be purchased, parents will be informed as soon as possible regarding emergency treatment and can then clarify steps with their insurance company.

In regard to injuries or sicknesses during the camp, some costs may have to be paid immediately. Inspire guarantees that immediate costs will be paid in advance, with you settling the bill afterwards. Inspire staff will send the bill to you as soon as possible so that you may contact your insurance company.

Daily routines vary on weather conditions and the day of the week. You can see our example weekly template here

At Inspire we pride ourselves on being able to offer some incredibly cool extra activities. Partnering with professional companies we offer high ropes courses, wild water rafting, stand up paddle boarding, horse riding, kayaking, water skiing, laser tag, quad biking, high ropes, and archery across our different camps.

When you book a camp for your child the additional activities will be listed on the same page. Please select the desired activities and pay in the same transaction as the camp. If you decide at a later date that you wish to add or remove additional activities from your package please contact the Inspire office directly. Additional activities payments CANNOT be paid at check in.

Your child is of course welcome to have their mobile phone on them. However to promote a more social atmosphere in the camp we will inform the children that phones that are seen in use during any activity or class will be confiscated for a duration of time the camp leader thinks appropriate. At the parents request the camp counsellor team can keep mobile phones and dispense them to a child at a specific time of the day.

We strongly recommend against children bringing any other devices such as laptops, notebooks, Gameboys etc. These devices are unnecessary at the camp and bringing them only increases the risk of them getting broken. Any dangerous weapons brought to camp (e.g. pocketknives) are also of course forbidden!

The counsellor team are happy to look after any valuables your child might have. These items will be kept with your child’s pocket money.

All our housing provides all bedding. Your child should bring sufficient clothing for the length of time they’re at camp, a towel, sports clothing, waterproof clothing, outdoor shoes, and a warm jacket or pullover. A packing list will be included in the travel documents you’ll receive a month prior to camp beginning.

At Inspire we send out a welcome packet to all the parents of our arriving children. This is sent two weeks in advance. In it will be all the details in terms of what your child should pack, arrival and departure times for children arriving by public transport and/or Inspire pick up services, information regarding your child’s counsellor team and all relevant and important contact numbers.

Especially for the first time camper, many parents want to know what their child is doing and eating each day. Each day our camp staff fill out a daily report of what they did, what they ate and what the weather was like. This report will be sent out daily to interested parents. Parents should tick the “yes I would like to receive daily updates in regard to what’s happening at my child’s camp” box on the booking page.

The camp leaders at each camp are responsible for the appropriate allocation of rooms on site. Accommodation for boys and girls is strictly separate. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests concerning room allocation at the time of booking. How we prioritise room allocation is as follows:

First, special requests (e.g. siblings)

Second, age (children will be of similar age to their room mates)

Third, language (we try to have different languages in the same room to encourage English Use).

We do not recommend visits from relatives. In the past it has often caused homesickness. However, if you wish to visit your child or pick them up for a day you are of course welcome too. We request you notify the Inspire office in advance. When you collect your child you will have to fill in a form stating that the duty of care for the child is being taken by you for said dates. This form will be kept by the Inspire camp staff.

If your child suffers from any food allergies we ask that you please provide us with this information at the time of booking. Together with the booking confirmation we will send you a separate questionnaire about the food allergy. Provided we know about any allergies in advance we can happily ensure any dietary requirements can be catered for.

Children at Inspire camps have a busy and active time! This means they need to have only the best food available to fuel their fun filled days. Feel free to check out a typical weekly menu here!

On arrival day you can bring your child between 2 – 6 pm to the camp. On departure day you must pick them up by 11 am.

Sure we do! We offer discounts for bookings before Janury 8th (-100€ for all our Austrian Camps and -150€ for the Camp in Worksop).

Inspire reserves the right to decide whether a child must be removed from camp. This is an exceptionally rare event and we take all means possible to avoid it being required. However a child may be removed from camp should their behaviour be extremely poor or indecent (includes violent conduct or theft) or if they suffer an injury or serious illness. If the management team decides a child must be removed from camp they must be collected immediately or have travel arrangements put in place for their departure. Should a parent wish to remove their child they are at any time welcome too. They should inform the Inspire Office in advance and be aware that no refund will be awarded.