Our Supplementary Terms & Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of Travel (ARB 1992), defined by the Association of Austrian Travel Agencies, apply. In addition, or deviating therefrom, the following terms & conditions apply:

1. Organiser liability

Inspire GmbH acts as booking office and tour operator for all camps.

The RSV (tour operator), inspire GmbH, is not liable for any adverse effects and disturbances in connection with services that are merely provided as external services (eg: excursions and visits, additional offers, various sports programs, etc.).

In addition, we point out that, for rail and bus services, as far as it is included in the travel package, the RSV is not acting as an organiser. These services are independently organised and organised solely by the transport companies and are only provided by RSV.

To protect against the consequences of any damage claims asserted by third parties, we recommend private accident insurance. A liability insurance is an absolute requirement for every participant.

2. Minimum number of participants

If we are forced to cancel the trip for unforeseen reasons (for example, by not reaching the minimum number of participants – St. Gilgen: 20, Vienna: 8), you hereby agree and waive any claim for damages. In the event a camp is cancelled, we will, of course, return any amount which has already paid by you. Up to 6 weeks prior to camp begin, the RSV retains the right of cancellation. Less than 6 weeks prior to camp begin, a cancellation of a camp by the RSV will not occur.

The RSV reserves the right to change the location advertised in the catalog up to 6 weeks prior to arrival and to organize the respective camp at an equivalent alternate location.

3. Limitation of liability

The contractual liability of the tour operator is limited to three times the travel price for injuries or damages which:

1. are neither caused intentionally nor by gross negligence;

2. are caused through the fault of a service provider for which the tour operator is held legally responsible.

The RSV reserves the right to make price changes which are not in its sphere of influence (cancellation rules according to item 8.1 ARB 1992). The RSV further reserves the right to change or exchange the programme content at any time.
Our supervisors and leaders are not liable for any illegal, unauthorized individual actions of camp participants. In this case, the RSV, its employees, counselors and supervisors will not assume liability.

The expulsion of a participant may occur if a contagious or other serious illness as well as a handicap, which hinders the participation in the daily program, are concealed at the time of registration, in the event of indecent behaviour, punishable acts or other unacceptable behaviour. In the event an expulsion is necessary, no refund will be made.

According to the travel agency insurance regulations, customer funds for package travel are covered by the RSV under the following conditions: The down payment is made no earlier than eleven months before the agreed end of the trip. The deposit is 50% of the travel price. The balance is paid no later than 30 days prior to departure.

4. Registration and confirmation

The reservation is binding as soon as the registration has been received by us by mail, e-mail, fax or online. You will receive the payment dates with the invoice and confirmation. The down payment of 50% of the travel price is due within two weeks of registration. The balance must be paid upon submission of the travel documents, but not later than 30 days prior to departure. The payment must be made to us without any fees incurred on the part of inspire GmbH!

Rebooking requests by the customer are taken into account for a fee of € 25, – and any deposits which are made, do not expire.
The travel documents (directions, information about the supervised plane or train journey, emergency card, etc.) will be sent to you approximately 4 weeks prior to departure. If the entire payment has not been received at the time of camp begin, we hereby reserve the right to deny your child the right to participate in the camp.

5. Extension

We are happy if your child wants to extend! Please note that proof of payment for the extended stay on the changeover day is required.

6. Cancellation

In addition to the cancellation fees according to item 7.1.c. ARB 1992, we have to charge a cancellation fee of 100% if your child does not attend the camp. (No Show). A cancellation must be communicated to us in writing by registered letter.

Other cancellation fees:

In case of cancellation up to 8 weeks prior to camp begin, no cancellation fees will be charged.

Cancellation up to 4 weeks prior to departure, 50% of the camp fee will be charged.

In case of cancellation of less than 4 weeks prior to departure, or, in the event your child fails to participate, 100% of the total camp fee will be charged.

Additional Cancellation Fee for the Worksop Camp: Upon cancellation, additional cancellation fees of € 300,00 will be charged for the reserved flight, if applicable.

7. Early termination of a booked service

Should an early termination of the stay by a participant become necessary due to illness or for reasons beyond the control of the organizer, e.g. exclusion for disciplinary reasons or homesickness, no refund will be made. The journey home must be made at the expense and responsibility of the parent or guardian.

In the event of cancellation or premature termination due to illness, we recommend taking out travel insurance.

8. Foto, Video or Written Material

By booking a camp, you agree that Photo, Video and Feedback material produced during and after the summer camps may be used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish this, please inform us, in writing, prior to camp begin.

9. Complaint

(In addition to section 5.3 ARB 1992) If the participant does not agree with the services offered or is dissatisfied, an immediate report to the responsible counselor is essential. Please tell your child!

10. FAQs

Please also read the FAQs carefully! These can be found here.

11. Jurisdiction, Choice of Law and Venue


Travel Agents:
inspire GmbH
Jurisdiction Salzburg
Vogelweiderstraße 63
5020 Salzburg